Oscillate Club Installations


 was the best club I ever went to, I made these video scuptures for the nights that were used as part of the visuals of the club istigated by Bobby Bird and Scylla Magda in 1992 which ran till ’97, this is their description:

“One of the main inspirations for starting the nights was from going to a series of underground events in North London, called Fundamental, where, in a maze of dark rehearsal rooms we first heard acts like Orbital, Ubik, Pressure of Speech and Headspace all playing out of sight in a seamless mix of live acts and DJs. The environment was chaotic, creative and unlike anything we had experienced before. At the early Oscillates, Bobby  brought along various bits of his bedroom studio equipment and started to experiment with it in a live setting. This was the beginning of the Higher Intelligence Agency / HIA, whose subsequent releases ‘included Colourform’ and ‘Freefloater’, as well as the more filmic ‘Birmingham Frequencies’ and ‘Polar Sequences’ in collaboration with Biosphere, ‘Deep Space Network meets Higher Intelligence Agency’, and S.H.A.D.O.W’ 1 and 2, with Pete Namlook.

Oscillate was always more about live electronic music than DJ’s, and over the years hosted memorable performances by Autechre, Orbital, Mu-ziq, Higher Intelligence Agency, Plaid, Ultramarine, Locust, Children of the Bong, Insanity Sect, Freeform, The Drum Club, Pentatonik, Headspace, Banco de Gaia, A Positive LIfe, State of Flux, Exquisite Corpse, Deep Space Network, Sun Electric, Space Time Continuum, Subtropic, Spring Heel Jack, Schematix, Non Place Urban Field and T-power.

Although mainly based in Birmingham, the Oscillate club also travelled further afield, staging one of our events in a 2,000 capacity disused gas-holder in Amsterdam, where the sounds of the live acts, including HIA, Orbital, and Autechre flew around the giant circular space, while an artist created ice sculptured chairs in the Telepathic Fish chillout zone, and a few hundred dedicated ‘Oscillators’ travelled from Birmingham to share with us the experience a truly memorable evening.”

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