Teaching + Research

“Consciousness itself can arise and become a viable fact only in the material embodiment of signs”

My research interests span two fields:
The use of Signs for Politics in Social Movements and Social Networks.
Under this umbrella I’m interested in Graphics, Photomontage and Collage, ‘Dialogical Discourse’ and Semiotics and the Philosophy of Language, Communicative Capitalism and the idea of Cultural Commons, Technology, Urban Space and Everyday Life, Creativity and Education, Democracy and Collective Production, Large Scale Public Artworks, Projections, Spectacles, Supergraphics and the Design of Protest.

As part of this practice I also collect and collate memes and online graphic forms of resistance at I also collect the times where Advertising references Revolution at

My second interest is:
Projected Graphics for Music Performance.
Under this umbrella I experiment with hacked analogue and coded digital projection tools to perform VJ visuals live for my own music and others as Eyegasm Effekts.

I currently teach classes on Flexible Graphic Visual Identity Systems, Experimental Typography, Emojis, Memes and Semiotics, Collage, Montage and Making Meaning, Music Video VFX, and Neo-Liberalism and Contemporary Visual Culture and Popular Music and it’s associated Graphics and Fashion Styles.