Images from Overground Resistance, Quito, Ecuador

Images from “OVERGROUND RESISTANCE. Resistencias a la luz del sol” at CAC Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Quito, Ecuador, which is open to the public till 19/03/2023.

This exhibition curated by Oliver Ressler, brings together artists who produce their works in dialogue with the climate justice movements, in which they consider themselves participants.

Artists: Tiago de Aragão (BR), Arts for the Commons – A4C (IT/EC), Lauren Bon and the Metabolic Studio (US), Noel Douglas (UK), Francisco Huichaqueo (Mapuche Nation/CL), Gilbert Kills Pretty Enemy III (Hunkpapa Lakota of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe/US), Kathy Jetn̄il-Kijiner (Marshall Islands) & Aka Niviâna (Greenland), Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination (FR), Boloh Miranda Izquierdo (EC) & Sofia Acosta Varea (EC), The Natural History Museum (US), Oliver Ressler (AT), Rachel Schragis (US), Seday (FR), Jonas Staal (NL), Tools for Action (HU/NL)

Photos courtesy Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Quito

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