Signs of Revolt

Signs of Revolt was an exhibition and set of talks and held in November 2009 at the Truman Brewery London that was organised to coincide with both the 10th anniversary of Seattle and the protests planned for the COP15 summit in Copenhagen it attracted an audience of nearly 2000 people in 8 days.

The exhibition was organised and curated by myself and Tony Credland helped by the hard work of all the participants:

Space Hijackers/Ultimate Holding Company/Reel News/kennardphillipps/
Cactus Network/Jonathan Barnbrook/Pedro Inhoue/Noel Douglas/
David Gentlemen/Guy Smallman/Camp for Climate Action/
Movement of the Imagination/Rebel Clown Army/Jess Hurd/
Indymedia London/Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination/
Creative Resistance Research Network/Leon Kuhn/
Turbulence/War Boutique.

The website:



Signs of Revolt, Exhibition, London, Nov 2009


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