Our Demonstration

Our Demonstration is an exhibition of art activism from ’68 to now curated by 6 Central St.Martins Fine Art students in the Guardian galleries, Kings Place, London. Work featured includes Regime Change Begins At Home playing cards, and the posters, Expect Us and Unfuck The World.

‘Art can create disturbance and protest, and protest can create art’ -Martin Argles, 2012

This exhibition deals with the art of protest, the need for, as well as the effects of art in protest. The exhibition is a culmination of a year of research into the relationship between art and activism with an aim to demonstrate the ways they work to inform one another.

A unique collection of archival images documenting the actions of people in protest spanning from 1968 onwards are exhibited alongside works from both established and emerging artists including Bob & Roberta Smith, kennardphillipps, John Goldschmidt, Noel Douglas, Rowan Durrant, Francesca Tosarelli, James Cauty, Ben Wilson, Jamie Wagg, Robert Greenwood, Leah Borromeo, King Mob, Shepherd Manyika, Cordelia Cembrowicz, Hanging Out Project, Come Cut, Marco Monterzino and  Ting-Tong Chang. The artists’ works harness the energy and ideals of  individual approaches to protest in art. In today’s current climate, it is necessary to add to the very relevant discussion regarding art in protest and to emphasise art’s potential in actualizing change in the ‘here and now’ of our times.

A series of events to coincide with the exhibition:

Thursday 26th April – ‘Our Live Experiment Is Worth More Than 3,000 Textbooks’ film screening and Q&A session with film director John Goldschmidt at The Kings Cross Social Club; 6.30pm – 8pm

Thursday 3rd May – ‘Discussing The Creative Resistance’ discussion panel with Dean Kenning, Noel Douglas, Leah Borromeo and ‘the vacuum cleaner’ at The Hub, 126 York way; 6.30 – 9.30pm

Perhaps art cannot change things, but it can change people who can create change and this is Our Demonstration.








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