Jamming Their Culture, Creating Our Own

‘Jamming their Culture, Creating our Own’ focuses on a mini-history of activist design. This talk was made for the Left Design Fourm and uses examples of tactics we can employ to form the kind of alliances that could be made to create a visual culture – one that matches up to the tasks of a world on fire.

This is the organisers introduction.

Noel is an artist, designer, and activist with a long history of organising and creating for social and political movements since the mid-90s, he was heavily involved in the anti-capitalist movement of the early 2000s and co-founded Occupy Design in the UK during the Occupy protest wave a decade later. He continues to work with social movements, most recently with Brandalism and the Grenfell Next of Kin. You can follow Noel on Twitter at @signsofrevolt. Noel’s session was hosted by Kevin Kennedy Ryan, Design & Marketing Consultant and Founder of Labour Party Graphic Designers – you can follow Kevin on Twitter @K_47. The first annual Left Design Festival (LDF) celebrated the best of visual communications on the left. With speakers across three continents from a range of progressive parties and movements, sessions looked at best practice and innovation in design and visual communications. This event and its on-demand session recordings are for anyone – freelancers, agencies, in-house creatives, and progressives – who want to better understand the landscape of design on the left and develop tools to further the cause of labour and human dignity. LDF is an independent event proudly organised by Labour Party Graphic Designers (LPGD) – you can follow LPGD on Twitter at @LabourDesign.

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